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If you were hit by Ida, here's how to avoid scams, injuries, price-gouging

Sept. 2, 2021

By Teresa Murray, Consumer Watchdog

Hurricane Ida tore a path of destruction from the Gulf Coast all the way to New York and New Jersey. The billions of dollars in damage from flooding, wind and tornadoes mean claims, repairs and rebuilding for way too many people. Here are some tips to avoid scams and stay safe in the days and weeks ahead.

How to report price gouging after a natural disaster

Sept. 2, 2021

By Teresa Murray, Consumer Watchdog

As people from Louisiana up to New York deal with the aftermath of Ida, consumers should be on the lookout for price gougers. It's sad that some opportunists will use a disaster like Hurricane Ida to take advantage of people who need safe drinking water, food, ice, gasoline, building materials or emergency supplies. 

Here are some tips to avoid scams and stay safe in the days and weeks ahead.

Amazon’s new policy comes at a time when courts have been asked the question who is responsible for defective products when they are bought from an online platform that is acting as the go-between for the seller and the purchaser. 

What to know about Amazon’s new A-to-z claims process

Aug. 31, 2021

By Hannah Rhodes, Consumer Watchdog Associate

As of Sept. 1, Amazon has expanded its A-to-z Guarantee to cover property damage or personal injury associated with defective products sold on its platform.  

Hurricane Ida is projected to make landfall in Louisana late Sunday. Residents can start thinking now about how to protect themselves from opportunists and scam artists.

T-Mobile Data Breach: Tips to protect yourself

By | Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

The hackers say they have personal data on 100 million people. Long before this breach, you should have assumed some or all of your personal information was compromised


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