Everybody knows somebody who has a "bad airline story" involving a long flight delay, sitting on the tarmac, being "bumped," losing baggage or some nightmare combination thereof.

You can't avoid these problems every flight. But you can handle them more easily if you know your rights and protections under federal law. That's where our national network’s flyer's bill of rights comes in.

"Many consumers don't know they have rights and protections when it comes to common airline problems," said our national network’s Consumer Watchdog Adam Garber. "When I fly with my family, I always pack a print-out of our flyer's bill of rights, so I can rest a little easier."

One example: If your bags are delayed overnight, airlines are required to reimburse you for reasonable expenses like a toothbrush or a change of clothes.

Learn more by checking out our entire flyer's bill of rights.

Photo Credit: Pixabay